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ASG in the Community: Making a Difference Beyond Business

Beyond providing impeccable wall solutions, ASG has a profound commitment to enriching the community it serves. Let's journey through the impactful community endeavors championed by ASG.

Urinal set against a backdrop of a large red apple mural in a restroom.
A unique restroom decor showcasing the importance of creativity and innovative designs in everyday spaces.

Supporting Local Initiatives

ASG believes in nurturing the local community. From supporting school programs to sponsoring local events, the company continually seeks avenues to give back.

Sustainability Workshops

Leveraging the eco-conscious foundation with Fibo, ASG hosts regular workshops educating the community about sustainable living, highlighting practical changes residents can adopt.

Restroom doors with wooden texture and gender symbols, set in a well-lit corridor with tiled flooring.
A modern restroom corridor designed with rustic wooden door aesthetics and clear gender markers.

Building Futures

Collaborating with vocational schools, ASG offers apprenticeships and internships, ensuring the next generation of contractors is equipped with top-notch skills and exposure.

Community Engagement

Whether it's a neighborhood cleanup drive or fundraising for local charities, ASG is a consistent presence, emphasizing the importance of collective growth and betterment.

A children's school cubbies with Fibo wall panels.
Fibo Wall Panels are perfect for easy and quick cleanup.


Join ASG's community journey. Discover more about our initiatives and how you can get involved.


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