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ASG and Sustainability

Pioneering Sustainable Solutions

ASG is firmly rooted in the principles of sustainability and environmental responsibility. Our collaboration with Fibo exemplifies our unwavering commitment to creating eco-friendly building solutions.


Together, we're more than just suppliers; we're visionaries paving the path for a sustainable tomorrow.

Our Green Blueprint

Embracing Fibo's profound eco-friendly standards, ASG is actively charting its unique sustainability journey in the Southwest US. Inspired by Fibo’s reduced packaging waste and energy-efficient strategies, we're not just bystanders, but trailblazers. With every project, we strive to redefine what's possible in the world of sustainable renovations.


For Contractors

Partnering with ASG means integrating top-tier, sustainable products into your projects, guaranteeing a blend of style, durability, and eco-responsibility. Our partnership with Fibo ensures you're delivering green solutions to your clients without compromise.


For Homeowners

Choosing ASG means investing in a home that respects the planet. Every panel, every design choice echoes a commitment to sustainability, assuring that your home is not just stylish but also a testament to green living.


The Green Innovation Behind Fibo

Our partnership with Fibo transcends mere business. Their waterproof wall system doesn't only provide aesthetic appeal but stands as an epitome of sustainable innovation. With FSC or PEFC certification, each Fibo panel is a testament to responsible forestry practices, shaping an eco-conscious tomorrow.

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Forest Certified Council

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Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification

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Preferred by Nature

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Validating Sustainability: The Asplan Viak Report

Objective reports serve as pillars of our trust in Fibo. The Asplan Viak’s findings resonate with ASG and Fibo's shared mission, revealing the monumental advantages of Fibo's wall system. Cutting down material use by 80% and slashing CO2 emissions by up to 45%, Fibo stands out as the sustainable choice for the future.


Your Green Journey Begins with ASG

At the heart of ASG and Fibo's partnership is a shared vision of a sustainable world. Choosing our products doesn't just elevate your spaces; it represents an active choice for the environment. A choice that combines style, durability, and planet-friendly decisions.

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