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Fibo Modular

Simplify your process with the Fibo Wall System, designed specifically for volumetric modular manufacturing and multiple housing setups. 


Our wall panels and custom designed accessories are perfect for modular, pod and offsite construction.

Experience Efficiency

Elevate your spaces with our wall solutions that blend speed, reliability, and elegance. Discover the future of wall installations, tailored for the needs of modular and pod constructions.

3Fibo Install.jpg

Rapid Installation

Install panels up to 5 times faster than tiles, leading to significant time and cost savings.

Auqualock click close up.jpeg

Efficient Workflow

Up to 65% fewer working hours compared to tiles; fewer processes from start to finish.

Fibo warehouse.jpeg

Premium Materials

Crafted from high-pressure laminate and marine-grade birch plywood for maximum durability.


Robust Design

Lock panels effortlessly with the Fibo Aqualock system for a long-lasting, watertight seal.

Fibo Waterproof.jpeg

Versatile Setup

Directly fit on wooden and steel studs; no need for specialized tools.


Decades of Trust

Backed by nearly 70 years of industry experience and comprehensive warranties.

2Fibo Waterproof.jpeg

Maximize Your Savings with Fibo

Cost & Time Efficiency

Experience up to 50% material savings versus tile and reduce project downtimes. Install Fibo up to 5x faster!

Ease of Maintenance

Benefit from simple panel replacements, quicker cleaning, and reduced waste management efforts.


With Fibo being 50% lighter than tiles, enjoy environmental benefits and transport savings.


The ASG Advantage

Partner with us from initiation to installation, ensuring a seamless transition and successful outcomes.


Connect with seasoned experts for tailored product advice.


Dive into our digital studio for Fibo installation know-how.


Rely on us to determine the exact materials your project needs.


Stay updated with timely notifications on your order's delivery.


Receive hands-on courses post-delivery and enjoy complimentary onsite training at your facility.

Our Fibo Solutions

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