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The Aesthetic Evolution: Fibo's Design Trends Through the Years

From timeless classics to contemporary chic, Fibo's wall panels have seen an aesthetic evolution. Journey with us as we chronicle the shifts in design trends and how Fibo has remained a vanguard of style through the ages.

A contemporary bathroom featuring a gray marble wall, a round mirror, and decorative plant elements showcasing Fibo's latest design trends.
Fibo's modern elegance is manifested in sleek marble finishes, reflecting their commitment to evolving design aesthetics.

Classic Beginnings

The initial Fibo panels resonated with classic Scandinavian simplicity - minimalistic designs with subtle hues, setting a foundation for what was to become a design revolution.

Bold and the Beautiful

As the years progressed, Fibo started introducing bolder patterns and vibrant colors. This era was marked by distinctive textures and designs, reflecting the changing preferences of homeowners and designers alike.

Gray marble wall with dark fixtures and decorations, emphasizing Fibo's rich design history.
Dark fixtures and intricate patterns: A nod to Fibo's past trends that still find relevance in today's interiors.

Functionality Meets Fashion with Fibo's Design Trends

With the rise of compact living spaces and the need for multifunctional interiors, Fibo adapted its designs. The panels not only looked exquisite but also incorporated features like easy cleaning and damage resistance, marrying function with fashion.

Contemporary Elegance

Today, Fibo's range boasts designs that are in tune with modern aesthetics. Clean lines, abstract patterns, and a play of matte and gloss finishes exemplify the contemporary design trends.

A pristine sink area against a backdrop of dark hexagonal tiles, capturing the essence of Fibo's design evolution.
The geometric allure of hexagonal patterns pays homage to Fibo's innovative approach to design over the decades.


Inspired by the legacy of design? Discover the perfect Fibo panel for your space.


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